A great beauty product should never be something that a girl keeps to herself. Think about some of the beauty and fashion products that you use every day. Chances are that some of them were recommended to you by a trusted friend or family member. You’re probably so thankful that they shared their top beauty picks with you! We all embody different elements of beauty naturally, but there’s nothing wrong with using products to highlight these areas even more.

Try POSH Nail Color for free!

If you are interested in trying POSH Nail Color for yourself and sharing your thoughts with your online community, we encourage you to contact us! Each month our team selects a small portion of interested beauty bloggers and vloggers to receive the latest and greatest POSH colors to review. To qualify, all that we ask is that you have an active blog with followers. Email us your information and our team will review each application as submitted. While we trust that you are who you say you are, we will do a quick double check by asking for verification through your blog platform. Thanks in advance for understanding!

For those that are selected, we ask for a just few simple things:

After you receive your nail polish, do a happy dance and then pick your favorite color to apply to your nails. Treat yourself to a manicure and begin to enjoy your POSH lacquer! Take note of how it sparkles and shines and stands up to the most aggressive parts of your day without chipping. Once you feel that you have taken in the full POSH experience, write or record an honest review!

Positive praise and recommendations are the biggest compliments that a brand can receive, and we really do take your kind words to heart. Should our product not be up to your standards or fall short, it’s our duty as women to share this information as well. Our designers, product developers, and other team members take extreme pride in the nail polish that POSH produces. Your feedback is extremely important, and we take both good reviews and bad reviews into serious consideration going forward.


Suggested talking points for your review:

  • Ease of applying onto your nails and dry time

  • The formula itself and its Vegan/organic qualities (to read more about our propriety 8 Free formula, click here!)

  • Quality of wear over the course of your manicure and brightness of color

  • Chipping, fading and peeling

  • Selection of available colors

  • Mention your favorite color!


We respect your work and the time that you have spent in doing your thorough review. Our web development and marketing team will provide you with full credit and citation if your images or content is used across our site.

You can contact us here or email us at info@poshnailcolor.com