Color is one of the few beautiful things that’s always around us, no matter where we are. Busy city streets feature bold yellows and glowing neon signs while nature gives us rich greens and heavenly blues. Our designers are inspired by the wonderful colors of nature and by the colors we choose to wear and express ourselves with every day. Color never, ever gets old!

We get to spend each day working with color to craft beautiful shades that all women will be proud to wear and show off on their nails. Although, a bottle of nail polish is so much more than that. The spark of emotion that comes from finding the perfect color to wear for an event or with each compliment you receive are the types of things we live for at POSH.

Your beauty, safety, and wellbeing are essentials that we take seriously. Every nail polish we produce is crafted with these in mind, and we’re proud to say our nail colors are 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Harsh chemicals like formaldehyde, DBP, toluene or triphenyl phosphates won’t ever be a part of the formula that graces your nails. Instead, count on long lasting, shining color that keeps up with your busy life. POSH follows the “5-Free” principle which is a common standard used by beauty manufactures to deliver products that are always free of the top five harmful chemicals such as the ones listed above. We take it one step further and follow our own proprietary “8-Free” formula to give you an even safer nail product.


Shop our polish collection to find a lacquer that’s classic and sweet or one that’s edgy and bold. POSH welcomes women and young ladies from all walks of life with all types of awesome style.