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Keeping our hands silky soft can be pretty tricky, especially in the upcoming, freezing weather, but we’ve got your back! These tips and homemade hand-care recipes will help you get rid of the dryness and make your hands feel nourished and refreshed – so your POSH nail polish will look even better on your nails!


  1. Energizing hand scrub
    Create a special scrub just for your hands from only three ingredients! Mix coffee, sugar and coconut oil together, and gently scrub your hands for a few minutes in a circular motion. Why do we love this recipe? Besides being a quick and budget-friendly alternative to all the other hand scrubs in stores, all the three ingredients have different superpowers: the sugar makes sure your hand is ready for moisturizing, the coffee makes it feel refreshed again, and the coconut oil will leave it incredibly soft.


  1. The devil is in the details
    Washing the dishes for hours, leaving your home without gloves during the winter, forgetting to moisturize your skin daily…these everyday tasks make your hands even more exhausted and dry, but by paying a little more attention to your everyday routine, you can easily solve these problems! Always wear a glove during washing the dishes, choose a washing gel with green ingredients, and make sure to keep a hand cream in your bag for the emergency situations! They might not seem to be important steps, but your hands will thank you these small changes.


  1. Instant pampering
    Another great and simple idea is to create a special hand mask by mixing together your organic hand cream with a spoonful of argan or olive oil. Because of containing various antioxidants (such as vitamin E and polyphenols), these nourishing oils help restore your skin’s smoothness, making your cream even more effective. After applying the mixture evenly to your hands, put on a comfortable cotton glove and let the mask do the magic for 15-20 minutes.