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Gorgeous colors, luxurious materials, shimmering eye makeup and elegant designs… it is never too early to start planning for Christmas time! To make sure you will be ready for all the events during December, get into the Christmas spirit right now with our top four outfits for the festive season!

Sultry & Elegant

If you would like to put together a classy, yet still fashion forward and modern outfit, go for a beautiful, heart neckline mesh top! Mesh clothing items have been in trend since 2012, and they just don’t seem to go out of style anytime soon.
POSH Style Idea: Wear it with metallic, high-waisted pants and patent leather boots!


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… Rihanna, Rita Ora, Selena Gomez


Shimmery Gold
Gold is the ultimate color for Christmas time alongside with red, silver and dark green, so it is a great basic choice for a winter party! Gold will instantly make you stand out from the crowd as well as it will accentuate your natural body line and skin color.
POSH Style Idea: Take a twist on your outfit by mixing a golden pencil skirt with a casual striped crop top!

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… Blake Lively, Nina Dobrev, Kim Kardashian


Fluffy & Comfy
Faux Fur is simply perfection for the winter time: it is warm, cozy and fuzzy, and it makes the freezing mornings slightly more acceptable, not to mention that everyone looks great in fur! While choosing the right one for your style, don’t forget to go with a faux fur one to make a responsible, eco-conscious choice.
POSH Style Idea: Go glam and wear it with a lace midi dress, but if you are not brave enough to pull off a fur jacket, just add small furry details to your outfit like a vest, or a bag with fluffy pompoms.

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… Gigi Hadid, Olivia Palermo, Beyoncé


Dark Queen
How could we leave velvet out from the article? It is such a royal material that makes even a crop top look super elegant! Although we prefer it in the original black color, velvet looks great in every shade from light grey and beige to deep purple, blue, red and green.
POSH Style Guide: Rock it like Ariana Grande and choose a crop top – skater skirt combo!


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…Ariana Grande, Sarah Jessica Parker, Katy Perry